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Discovery language schoolについて

私たちは、2011年に船橋市にスクールを開校しその後2016年に市川市へ移転し現在にいたります。『言語』は教科として捉えられがちですが、コミュニケーションを図る手段の一つです。世界の人々とつながれるツールです。コミュニケーションがとれる喜びや楽しさを大切に、そして将来に つながるお手伝いをします!

Where it all started

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the team


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Hi everyone, my name is Johanne!

I am French, and I come from a small city right in the middle of the Alps.

It's a fantastic place to go skiing in the winter!
I love cats so much, they are the best! I also love fashion, watching anime, and all Ghibli films. I can't really pick a favourite though! 
When I'm not working, I really enjoy baking, drawing, going to the museum, taking walks around the city and going to nice coffee shops. 

I'm really excited to meet you all at Discovery!

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Teacher Johanne 

OUR Philosophy

Discovery language schoolのクラスルームは 「こどもたち(生徒様)が中心」の教育法です。子どもたちの“知りたい”という好奇心や探究心を引きだし、自ら学びたいという気持ちに講師が寄り添い一緒に学んでいく教室です。




Hello there!

I’m Danica but you can call me “Nica”.

I was born and raised in an amazing island in Cebu ,Philippines.

If you love to go swimming or even go scuba diving, then the Philippines is one of the best places to go.

I enjoy hiking, going on a road trip with friends and go camping!

I love animals especially dogs. I have 2 dogs, one is a golden retriever and the other one is a chihuahua.

I love playing the guitar and writing songs.


I’m excited to meet all of you and  have a wonderful time together at Discovery Language School!

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Teacher Danica


Hello Everyone!

My name is Lies! I'm from a small country name Belgium which is in the heart of Europe. On my days off, you are most likely to find me on the top of a mountain or roaming around in Disney! In the summer, I like to go for a swim in the ocean to cool down from the Japanese heat. I hope to see you soon at Discovery!

Fun fact: French fries are not

from France, they are from Belgium!

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Teacher Lies


Hey Friends,

My name is Melinda and I am from Australia! I absolutely love animals, horses and dogs especially. I also love travelling and exploring nature, swimming in the ocean or a lake, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking up a mountain or finding hidden waterfalls!

I'm so excited to meet you at Discovery! Let's go on an adventure!

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Teacher Melinda

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TPR 全身反応教授法




Phonics & Reading