Teacher Leigh
She has been teaching in Japan for more than 10 years. 
Teacher Leigh sees and treats every student in her class as unique
individual with limitless potentials to grow and develop.  She approaches teaching with a child-centered philosophy and believes that children learn best when presented with opportunities to make choices in an environment that is stimulating and enriching.  As a committed educator, she aims to nurture children's innate curiosities and cultivate a desire for lifelong learning.
Teacher Shadi
His child-centered approach helps children to be motivated active learners exploring the world of english.
Shadi speaks five languages as He went to twenty five countries in the world and lived in 14 of them. He grew up in Paris, Africa, and has worked with children in Asia, America and Europe. Shadi has been teaching in Japan since 2006.  

*Discovery language schoolについて*

Discovery language schoolでは英語・フランス語を『科目や学習しなければならないもの』としてではなく、



Welcome to Discovery language school

Teacher Laila
Hi! My name is Laila. I'm from The Philippines. I currently live in Tokyo. I speak 3 languages and 1 dialect. I am an only child. I love traveling. My hobbies are eating out, watching movies and reading books. I can surf and play the guitar. My dream is to travel to Africa, South America and Greece. I love kids because they are very cute, pure, honest and care free. They inspire me to be a better teacher every time.
Teacher Melinda
Hello my wonderful students! 
My name is Melinda and I am from Queensland, Australia. 
I enjoy many hobbies such as; traveling, exploring nature, swimming in the ocean, hiking in the rainforest, walking along the beach, fishing, singing to my favorite music and walking my two pet dogs Mukota and Trusty. 
My favorite food is chicken, especially Kaarage, Teriyaki chicken and Saizeriya chicken wings. 
I am so excited to meet you all!! lets sing, dance, laugh and learn together!
Teacher Karla
Hi, my name is Karla. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and lived three years in Toronto. I arrived in Japan in October 2019. I enjoy eating pancakes with maple syrup and I also love to add some in my coffee. I love traveling, discovering different cultures and learning new languages. I fluently speak English, French, Spanish and now, I'm learning Japanese. I am very excited to be part of Discovery Language School team and I'm looking forward to meeting you!
Teacher Gauvain
Hello! My name is Gauvain (ゴーバン) and I am 30 years old. I was born and raised in France and move to Canada 12 years ago to attend University. I arrived in Japan in October 2019 and visited the south of the country before moving to Tokyo. I speak English, French, Spanish and am learning Japanese. I have visited many countries around the world and love to learn about new Cultures. DJ for 16 years, I am passionate about music and spend my free time creating new songs. I am very happy to join the Discovery Language School team and can't wait to meet you
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